W720 Kayak-Skiff Walkaround Video

W720 Motor Kayak Skiff

The W720 is Wavewalk’s new Kayak-Skiff from the W700 Series. It features an integrated motor mount rated for up to 3 HP, although this video shows it mounted with a 6 HP outboard (Please don’t try this at home!).

The W720 is a truly wonderful kayak that glides and tracks like no other, whether in a solo or tandem mode, and it also works perfectly as a canoe – The best all-around paddle craft.
Its high saddle seat guarantees that the passengers onboard will enjoy a comfortable and back-pain free trip.
The W720 offers a very large onboard storage space in its twin hulls.
It is 12’10” long and just it weighs just 85 lbs, which makes it easy even for one person to cartop.

Driving the W720 is a pleasure – It is very stable and responsive, and it tracks perfectly, like a much longer boat, thanks to its twin hulls.
Launching and beaching it is a breeze – forget about boat ramps!

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  1. Note that we strapped the 3 gallon fuel tank on top of the W720 saddle, where it is conveniently located between the driver and the motor, because this fuel tank model does not fit inside the 9″ wide W720 hull, which also has a narrower, 7″ opening between the cockpit coaming and the saddle seat.
    This is not a problem, it is just something worth clarifying.

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