Kayak fishing, quality time, and outfitting

Young woman kayaking in Wavewalk 700
By Warren Richardson

My S700 is my new hobby, I love gliding over the lake in front of my house, day or night, and have been catching fish hand over fist. I also love spending quality time in it with my beautiful wife.
The time has come for me to accessorize. I need cup holders and rod holders.
I would appreciate if anyone would post examples. I see that many people put a small piece of rope around the cockpit of their Wavewalks through riveted eyelets, that sounds like a good idea.
Any advice from more experienced owners would be awesome.

First Mate tandem paddling

W700 tandem fishing kayak storage solution in garage
W700 fishing kayak stored in garage
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New Fly Rod and fish caught
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2 thoughts on “Kayak fishing, quality time, and outfitting”

  1. Thanks Warren,

    Living the dream 🙂

    This website features some 1,800 pages (not a typo), and this number includes hundreds of posts on outfitting, rigging, accessorizing, rod holders, cup holders, and dozens of other subjects.
    The best way for you to find such info is simply to run searches using the Search widget on the sidebar, and I can guarantee that once you start, your real problem would be to sift through the huge amount of results, and find what’s interesting for you.
    You can also search websites that sell these accessories.

    We used to outfit our kayaks with a bungee cord around their cockpit, so that users could cover the cockpit opening, or at least its front, with a tarp.
    We stopped offering this option simply because hardly anyone used this system, so we realized that it was redundant.
    In your case, since you’re neither paddling nor driving your W700 in the surf or in whitewater, I don’t see how such a system being useful.

    Generally, accessorizing is a very personal thing, and what works for some doesn’t necessarily work for others. In fact, it’s likely not to work for others 😀
    It’s basically a trial and error process, and this is part of the fun – You do something, you test it, and you see if it works for you. If it doesn’t, you think what it is about that you don’t like, and you try to improve it.
    This is not necessarily something that ever stops – It can go on for years.

    My two cents…


  2. Warren………my best advice is to fit foam pool noodles along the cockpit rim in front of you to help cushion and secure your paddle while fishing. They really help keeping your paddle from sliding off.

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