Molding our kayaks in South Carolina

rotational molding of a Wavewalk 500 kayak

For four years, Wavewalk molded its kayaks in Indiana. We’ve recently moved our production to South Carolina, to a custom rotational molding company who has a 2019 large size, state of the art rotational molding machine. After several weeks, they have finished the preparations for molding our kayaks, and now they’re ready to start. Per their decision, the first batch of Wavewalk kayaks molded in SC will be from the W500 series. The W700 and S4 will follow soon after.

The above photo shows the W500 mold (industrial tooling) being attached to one of the machine’s arms, next to the huge oven in which the machine will rotate it.

This picture means a lot to us and to our wonderful clients who’ve been so patient waiting for their orders to be fulfilled and shipped to them.

Thank you! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Molding our kayaks in South Carolina”

  1. Great news, Yoav, and the location is better with respect to the fast growing kayak fishing activity here in Florida and the Southeast.

  2. Thanks Gary,

    I hope to develop a good, productive working relationship with our new molders, like we had with the previous ones in Indiana, and before that in Pennsylvania.


  3. I see that folks who pick up a Wavewalk from your new SC site, will be able to save shipping charges. What is the address of the new plant?

  4. Those who live on the West Coast and can get their Wavewalk picked up SC could save a bundle.
    The pickup address is –
    Wavewalk c/o Diversified Plastics Inc.
    1309 Highway 917 West
    Latta, SC 29565

    Note that this address is not a dealership, and you can’t buy a Wavewalk kayak there.
    It’s just for pickups, after you purchased your kayak from us.

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