Wavewalk S4 with a 6.5 HP mud motor – first test

By Chris Henderson

Today I was able to do my first test drive of the Wavewalk S4 with a mud motor!

As a duck hunter the potential for the S4 is incredible. Couple that with a mud motor and you can access places that others cannot go. I hunt tidal mud flats where traditional boat motors are difficult to use due to the changing tides (water depth) as well as the sand bars that constantly shift. The mud motor allows operation in very shallow water and lets me get over those sand bars. Other duck hunters hunt in flooded timber where the logs eat propellers for lunch and occasionally eat whole lower units. The mud motor is the only way to travel safely in those kind of swamps. That is why putting a mud motor on the S4 is like combining peanut butter and chocolate.
This was my very first run, so I have a lot to learn about operating this kind of motor.

There are a lot of different styles of mud motors out there and the cost can be very prohibitive. But I found a kit which is created by Mud-skipper called the Twister. Rather than a straight shaft it has a curved shaft. At first I was concerned that due to this the turning radius of the boat would be dramatically effected. As it turns out that fear was unwarranted. The two hulls actually keep you from turning too sharp which could cause you to overturn considering the nature of how the motor turns. The 6.5 hp was plenty of horse power and I cavitated way before I ran out of power.

Lots of experimenting to do to get it all dialed in but it was a great first test run.








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8 thoughts on “Wavewalk S4 with a 6.5 HP mud motor – first test”

  1. Awesome!!!

    Great job Chris!

    This S4 and mud motor combination will make life easier for many people who fish and hunt in shallow water, marshes, rocky streams, tidal flats, etc.
    I think it’s a real breakthrough.

    Simply wonderful 🙂


  2. Lots to learn about running a mud motor and getting it all dialed in and comfortable. Next round will be with passenger and cargo! Having fun!

  3. Definitely a new level of mobility out there!

  4. Chris,

    How much does the mud motor (6.5 hp engine and drive unit) weigh? It looks to balance well on the S4 and place the driver in an optimum operating position.

    Yes, this is a real breakthrough: Break through the grass. Break through the lily pads. Break through the pond scum. Break on through to the other side.

    Might make a good theme song for the next video.

    “Break on Through”.

    Larry J.

  5. Larry – the Twister kit is 40lbs. then you add the motor of your choice. I first looked at a 5hp Honda that only weighed 27lbs. So I would have been at 67lbs. Unfortunately that particular motor would not work. So I ended up with the 6.5 which is probably in the 35lb weight range making the entire unit 75lbs (estimate). A little heavier than I wanted but not excessively so. The standard longtail mud motors easily exceed 100lbs with a 6.5hp motor which is another reason I went with the Twister. Adding the anti-ventilation plate will be the next thing I do and will help top speed as well as shallow running.

  6. New 6.5 HP horizontal shaft motors weigh up to 40 lbs, and you can get them online and at Harbor Freight starting at $100.


  7. Now that’s how you do it!

    Worked great going thru those heavy weeds, going over the log.

    You’ll be in the best hunting spots ever.

    Tight Lines and MoPaddle, hunt safely all. 🙂

  8. Thanks it is a fun combination. Mud-skipper is sending out a anti-ventilation plate which will improve the performance of the motor. Looking forward to seeing how that goes. Stay tuned…. more videos of this motor/hull combination will be coming.

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