Wavewalk’s booth at ICAST 2016

Finally, we’re back from the show, and we’re also back to normal, whatever that means  🙂

ICAST is the world’s biggest fishing trade show, and ICAST 2016 in Orlando, FL, was the first trade show that we participated in.

Here is an overview of our 400 square ft booth:

Camera: Yadin Rosen

Captain Larry Jarboe (wearing the Wavewalk cap) worked in the booth during the entire show. Larry did a fantastic job, and his presence at the booth was very enjoyable.

We had many visitors, both expected and unexpected, and we had a lot of fun.

Larry and Yoav standing next to the Wavewalk 700 Microskiff
Larry and Yoav standing next to the Wavewalk 700 Microskiff

We showed 4 Wavewalk 700, in the 4 color combinations. 3 boats were displayed on the ground, thus allowing us to give dry demos and letting customers get a close look and feel of the product. The Microskiff was displayed higher, facing the main isle.

Captain Larry Jarboe
Captain Larry Jarboe
Wavewalk team with Jeff
Left to right: Orit, Yanay, and Jeff McGovern who worked at the booth of a reel manufacturer, and came to visit us.

The booth wasn’t very elegant, to say the least, but it was practical, and allowed us to engage multiple clients simultaneously on its four sides.

We had two laptops playing Wavewalk videos non stop, and a virtual office that allowed us to stay in contact with the world outside…

Combat 700

A ‘dry demo’ on the floor. People could walk into the boat, feel it, and step out. They could also lift it, and see how lightweight it is.

Wavewalk team members before the show
If our booth wasn’t the most elegant at least we were  🙂  … Each one of us wore a white shirt with a blue W monogram, and a blue blazer with a golden W monogram.

2 thoughts on “Wavewalk’s booth at ICAST 2016”

  1. ICAST was a great show but I have to relate one sad incident that happened on the last day as folks were packing up.

    A gentleman came over to the W700 tandem Microskiff to check it out. I enthusiastically explained the many virtues of the Wavewalk design. The countenance on his face turned from smile to what looked like grave concern as I showed him the video of Yoav skimming across a heavy chop with his joystick controlled outboard powered Microskiff.

    Then, I invited him to step into a floor model.

    “No, thank you. I just bought a kayak from the people over there.” he sadly said. He had just paid a lot of money for a pedal yak when he could have motored in a stable, more comfortable vessel for less.

    I consoled him by saying, “If you have any back problems or are unhappy with your purchase, at least you know there is a solution.”

    Buyer’s remorse is a terrible feeling.

    Tis better to be happy in a W700 outfitted to your lifestyle.

    Larry J.

  2. Larry,

    I remember you told me about this guy. I felt sorry for him too.
    It’s likely to assume that he had purchased one of the demo kayaks in that booth, and he must have felt great about the fact that he had to pay much less for it than if he bought it in a store.
    Like you, I am consoled by the fact that this guy who suffers from a bad back and therefore won’t be able to enjoy his new kayak now knows that here’s a back pain free alternative – the Wavewalk line.


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