Wavewalk 700 Lobster Scout Sea Sled

By Capn’ Larry Jarboe

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With the advent of Spiny Lobster season coming, I decided to convert my W700 into a search sled to hunt those crafty crustaceans.

A conventional tow sled that is used to drag a snorkeler behind a boat costs about a hundred bucks. The hapless free diver has no control over boat direction and has to breathe the fumes from the boat engine or engines. If the vessel has one or more two cycle outboards spewing exhaust upwind of the towed snorkel diver, there will be a lot of poisonous gasses inhaled.

This incarnation of the Wavewalk design as a lobster search sea sled allows the critter gitter to control direction and speed while breathing clean air. Electric trolling motors produce no air pollution and operate for pennies a day. It is easy to fly a dive flag planted in a support hole of the W700 support bracket.

This first test run worked very well but remember to cinch up your bathing suit real snug. I nearly lost mine a couple times…

Camera: Mrs. Jarboe

Electric Wavewalk 700 attached to the mother ship



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One thought on “Wavewalk 700 Lobster Scout Sea Sled”

  1. Thanks Larry,

    Wonderful video!
    I can’t imagine someone watching this video and not wanting to be in a Wavewalk 700, or getting dragged by it, in the clear, warm water down there… regardless of lobster 😀


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