Family Fishing Day

By Chris Henderson

Every year on the Fish Washington Free Weekend our church has a “Family Fishing Day” . We gather together and bring all manner of things that float (Wavewalks did most of the fishing) and take all who would like to come fishing.
We have a picnic potluck at 1pm.
This year we went to Lake Devereaux. There were a bunch of little fishermen that got to catch their first fish ever! I got to be the one that helped them.
Since there is no real shore fishing, I would take them out in the W700 and once the fish was hooked up let them reel it in. When they caught one fish I would bring them back and get the next kido. The W700 did the lions share of the fishing and it was great to be able to take out a little and their parent and get them on a fish.
The stocked trout were plentiful and willing and the kids had a blast.
Here are a couple of favorite pictures of the day.



all the boats, duck boats and fishing kayaks at the beach


crew of four on board w700
Wavewalk 700 with a crew of four…


very cute anglers and the fish they caught


awesome crew on board their W700 bragging about the fish they caught...
W700 as a boat


Chris and a young apprentice fisherman on board W500


Chris and his apprentice showing a trout they caught


Chris guiding a kid angler on board W500 kayak


Chris guiding two little fishermen


Chris talking about fishing with two small kids


Chris talking fishing with two young anglers


chris with adult and kid fishermen on board W700
Wavewalk 700 with two fishermen and a kid onboard


Chris with two other avid anglers on board his Wavewalk 700
W700 with two anglers and a boy

fishing guide with mom and toddler crew on board


girl showing a trout she caught


hey look, we caught two fish!


it's easy to stand in one hull when you're so small


Look at this fish we caught!


mom and daughter awesome tandem fishing crew


mom and toddler angler and first fish they caught


mom and toddler in a huge W700
W700 cockpit


mom and two kids in a Wavewalk 700 kayak
W700 with multiple passengers, and fish


mom toddler and Chris the fishing guide
W700 as guide boat…


two small kids showing their first fish


vivid discussion about fish, of course


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4 thoughts on “Family Fishing Day”

  1. 😀

    Thanks Chris,

    I very much enjoyed editing these photos and story 🙂


  2. This is one of our favorite activities of the year! Watching those kids get so excited and catching a 10 inch trout on a noodle rod (light rod used for kokanee) is really fun for them. They think it is really hard. 🙂

    Getting them to touch the fish afterwards was pretty fun too. Some took right to it. Others required “help” to get the grin shot.

    Good times.

  3. Jill Toler says:

    Great job Chris. I love the smiles and little fishy hands of the kiddos. What a wonderful day with family and friends enjoying the very best that the Good Lord has given to us. Outstanding!

  4. Well, I don’t anyone to help me smile when I look at these pictures 🙂
    They are truly wonderful, and they put me in a good mood!

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