Anchor solution for the W700 fishing kayak

By Captain Larry Jarboe

Key Largo, Florida

I did not know how to post a pic on a blog. But, this is one simple solution to Dario’s problem securing an anchor line. Two rod holders are included in the mix.
This is a mega-cleat with 2 rod holders and a 1 kg Lewmar claw anchor. No holes were drilled in the W700…


Anchor, and DIY dual rod holder
Anchor, and DIY dual rod holder



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2 thoughts on “Anchor solution for the W700 fishing kayak”

  1. Awesome!

    Thanks Larry,

    Your PVC dual rod holder stand is outstanding!

    Years ago, Wavewalk used to resell these anchors, and folding anchors in two sizes 🙂
    I call those times the “Outfitting Period”…

    BTW, the picture looks good 😉


  2. Yoav,

    My buddies at West Marine agree that the small claw anchor is probably the best kayak combo. The folding anchor will slip in mud and hang up bad in reef applications. Been there. Done that.

    I am using 60+ feet of 3/8 line because it meets other specs with USCG ratings for throw lines and a 3 to 1 scope is pretty much a minimum on the patch reefs which are usually no more than 20 feet deep.

    Those support holes in the saddle are the key to a myriad of accessories for the W700.

    Sometimes, even a blind sow finds an acorn…

    Grouper season begins, tomorrow.

    Larry J.

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