Jai’s first kayak fishing trip

By Gary Rankel

Nature Coast Kayak Fishers

Art and I accompanied Jai Rhee on his first ever kayak fishing trip today, in his brand new W700. Outside of the fact that we didn’t get any fish, we had a great day with Art showing steady progress in his recovery from last year’s stroke, and Jai appreciating the fishability of his new W700. He’s still learning the art of paddling and yak fishing, but he’s more than a willing learner. His only complaint was his sore arms after after 5 hours of paddling / casting. I’m glad he decided to buy a pickup truck to facilitate loading and hauling his 700 around.
We topped the day off with a cold one and a great grouper lunch at the nearby seafood place in Ozello.


Jai standing next to his W700 at dawn, before launching


Jai-standing-on-the-beach-next-to-Art-and-their kayaks
Jai snapping a picture of Art and their kayaks


Jai and Art trying to catch some fish


Jai mastering the art of kayak paddling


Art and Jai at the end of the trip


Jai uploading his W700 to his pickup truck


Mission accomplished!


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6 thoughts on “Jai’s first kayak fishing trip”

  1. Thank you Gary, Jai and Art,

    You guys rock! 🙂
    Art looks in good shape – I’m glad to see that he’s getting out there regularly, again. Great news !


  2. Thanks, Yoav……..Jai and Art are real troopers – hope I can lead them to a few fish next time.

  3. Gary,

    Do you fish live shrimp for bait or only lures? The last time I was in Homosassa there were some nice Mangrove Snapper hanging around the docks.

    Fried snapper sandwiches are good, too. Just trying to get the skunk out of the box…

    Larry J.

  4. I’m strictly a lure guy, Larry, using topwater most of the time. Would rather see 1 nice red charge my topwater, than get 10 below the surface. I probably don’t catch as many fish as the live / dead bait guys, but that’s OK.

  5. Gary,

    Thanks for the info and a new idea. I’ve got hungry mouths to feed. So, sometimes, I have to pull a few tricks out of the box.

    That said, the tarpon have started rolling in my canal. Just finished pulling the treble hooks off a top water popper. A long shank HD 3/0 offset Eagle Claw style hook now dangles from the rear slip ring.

    Yes, a good size shrimp dies for the cause…

    Catch and release top water tarpon action. Maybe…

    Larry J.

  6. Don’t think my light action rods loaded with 10lb braid could handle a tarpon, Larry. Would have to buy a new rig to tangle with those bad boys, but they sure look like fun.

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