My initial observations on the Wavewalk 700

By Captain Larry Jarboe

Key Largo, Florida

A couple days ago, I launched my W700 for the first time. It has taken a couple weeks to get my stone crab traps set up and dropped overboard from my commercial fishing boat “Line Dancer”. This vessel, a 27′ Lindsey w/ a B-series Cummins diesel, will make a fine mother ship to transport the W700 and my W500 to the Everglades, wrecks, reefs, and Gulf Stream waters surrounding Key Largo.

My initial observations include:

The W700 is the ideal family or couples vessel for economy and ease of transport. Where will you find a tandem yak that combines the best qualities of a kayak, canoe, catamaran, stand-up paddle board, and micro-skiff in one boat?

The W700 really is a magic boat. Not only is the W700 more stable and roomy than the W500 (which was the most stable yak I had previously used), the air tight buoyancy straddle seat is a major safety improvement. The center holes in the separately molded flotation seat can be used as rod holders. I plan to install a removable PVC post in one to hold a waterproof GoPro camera for videos.

Though a double paddle works fine to propel the W700, I prefer to use a canoe paddle. The W700 and W500 Wavewalks actually solo paddle easier than a canoe but you should know the J-stroke, sweep stroke, and other canoe paddling techniques to use a canoe paddle effectively.

Presently, I do not intend to make major mods to the W700. But, in time, there will be fore and aft motor brackets for both gas and electric motors as well as an anchor bracket and rod holders.

It is obvious, that the W700 is a great addition to the Wavewalk series but the W500 will travel with me up and down the East Coast from the Chesapeake to the Keys by truck bed or car top. The W500 is more portable for a solo yakker. Thus, it still has an important place in the product line.

I know many of the Wavewalk owners have put away their vessels for the winter. But, the temperature in the Keys is in the 70 degree range and the skies are mostly blue and sunny. So, there is still great fishing and boating to be found here in the Caribbean of the U.S.




Wavewalk 700 on mother ship


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7 thoughts on “My initial observations on the Wavewalk 700”

  1. Thanks Larry,

    I agree with your observation about canoeing the W700 – It really works well. I usually carry a canoe paddle with me on board the W700 when I drive it with a motor. It’s very handy, and I just drop it in the hull and forget about when I motorize.

    The extra-long dual blade (‘kayak’) paddle works better for me for long paddling trips, when I feel like paddling standing, and when I need to do some poling.


  2. Yoav,

    Years ago, I took a college course in Canoeing. It sure beat the Statistics course.

    I am still working out the ideal compromise paddle length according to height for both standing and straddling in the Wavewalks.

    1 1/2 inch Inside Dia. PVC pipe is ideal for slipping into the center holes in the W700 straddle seat. I am working on a spider rig rod holder that the GoPro mounts on top of.

    Also, a short free standing mast with a small lateen sail rig could be in the works.

    Larry J.

  3. Thanks Larry,

    “Magic boat” indeed 🙂

    It sounds like you could use a 2-piece canoe paddle with an adjustable length, or simply take a second, longer paddle on board.

    For those who are not versed in the art of plumbing, a PVC pipe with a 1.5″ inner diameter features a 2″ external diameter. Very confusing…

    2″ is is the internal diameter of those six vertical columns in the W700 saddle.


  4. Jill Toler says:

    I really enjoy your blog posts Capn’ Larry. I knew you would “pen” a great review about the W700 because it is truly just that awesome.

  5. Hi Larry-

    I doubt anyone could describe, compare and contrast the W500 fishing kayak and the W700 car-top boat better than you have. Nice work and keep the stories coming!

  6. Thank You, Jill, Michael, and Yoav.

    A concern of mine is that I don’t want to hog the forum.

    If you strap your Wavewalks to your car or truck and head south during this cold spell, you can make your own fishing stories rather than shovel snow.

    Key Largo has some of the finest year round kayak access in the United States. Tonite, it is dropping to 63 degrees and will only get up to 70 degrees tomorrow due to a cold front. But, things are warming up this weekend.

    Please feel free to visit my commercial fishing docks, launch your yak, enjoy a fine day on the water and enjoy a seafood feast at the neighboring restaurant called Shipwrecks.

    Really, does it get much better than this, having a magic boat?

    Larry J.

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