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About Wavewalk Reviews

We rolled out our first kayak (the W300) in 2004, and since then, we’ve been actively seeking our customers’ feedback. We use this input to assist our clients and improve their experience.  In the long run, our customers determine the direction of our design and product offering, and help us enhance the performance of what they already consider as the world’s best fishing kayaks and portable boats.
Per our company policy, our client reviews feature the author’s full name and state, as well as pictures they contributed.

Over the years, our clients have contributed over two hundred full featured Wavewalk® 500 reviews and Wavewalk® 700 reviews

Our clients include regular users and local dealers who are typically Wavewalk fans who personally use the Wavewalk® 500 and Wavewalk® 700 kayaks and boats they bought from us for paddling, fishing, hunting and motorized boating.  The fact that they own and use our kayaks and boats on a regular basis allows them to act as consumer advocates, and as such we welcome their testimonials insight, including their reviews. Some of our dealers are experts in certain fields (e.g. duck hunting with bow and arrow, fishing for largemouth bass, crossbow fishing, night fishing, etc.), and prospecting clients often tend to consult with them, naturally.

Over the years, we’ve noticed that our clients attribute little credibility to kayak reviews published without the author’s full name and state, and to reviews that are written by paid reviewers, such as appear in fishing magazines and websites that depend on advertising that kayak manufacturers pay for. Our clients prefer to seek information in videos, technical articles, and real customer testimonials such as they find on our website.

Some of our clients have contributed more than one review to this website, as well as reports about fishing, rigging, paddling and motorizing their Wavewalk® kayaks and boats. We cannot list all these entries on this page because there are too many of them. Therefore, we created a separate Top Contributors section for this website, where we present profiles of our most active contributors, with links to lists of their blog posts.

Reviews of the 300 discontinued series

We no longer list here customer reviews of the smaller-size W300 series (2004-2010) because the reviews of the newer Wavewalk 500, 700 and series 4 are more relevant to our clients, and people show little interest in the W300, naturally.
Many of the W300 reviews were contributed before 2008, the year when we started this blog, but many others still appear in search results.  To find customer reviews of kayaks from this discontinued series, use the keyword 300 in this blog’s search form.