Wavewalk 700 promo video

This is a new promo video for the 700 series that will feature on our YouTube channel.

Just listen to this thing… 😀

Note that the 3D animation shows the W700, and the action video footage shows the smaller W570.

The music clip is called “Natural Hero”   🙂

Does this clip help convey the notion that the W700 looks like a good candidate for the title of Best Two-Person Fishing Boat?

3 thoughts on “Wavewalk 700 promo video”

  1. Yoav-

    One of the best dramatic shorts of the year!

    A two-fisherman Wavewalk is going to excite a lot of people.


  2. Awesome video, love the music.

    Like I said I can’t wait to see the W700 in action. 🙂

    Tight Lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

  3. Thanks Rox,

    This music clip is named “Natural Hero”, and when I first heard it I thought it sounded ‘bigger than life’, and therefore appropriate for the W700 😀


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