Wavewalking in lake Havasu AZ, and Mesquite bay TX (video)

By Don McPherson

I purchased the Wavewalk used in Arizona after a demonstration in Gig Harbor Washington. I appreciated the demonstration and was considering a new one when this deal came up. Very happy with the craft. Thanks,



3 thoughts on “Wavewalking in lake Havasu AZ, and Mesquite bay TX (video)”

  1. Thanks Don,

    Beautiful! 🙂

    For those who watch the videos – Paddling from the middle of the cockpit offers the double advantage of better speed and enhanced stability. Paddling from the cockpit’s rear works better when you launch in big surf and when you beach and you want to get your Wavewalk kayak to ‘climb’ the beach as high as possible, so you could step out on dry land.


  2. Hello Don-

    Very nice footage.

    In addition to Yoav’s observation, you may consider moving the floatation noodles underneath the boat. That puts them out of the way when paddling and provides a sleeker look. Plus, people will stop asking what they are for.

    I hope everyone noticed that in both movies 1 and 2 you disproved the old theory:
    A person can chew gum and Wavewalk at the same time! 🙂


  3. Hi Don,
    Thanks for the shout out!
    Glad to hear you got your Wavewalk and that you are putting it to great use!
    Nice videos of some beautiful water and weather!
    I will second the suggestion to put the noodles under the saddle they still provide the safety floatation and are out of the way while you paddle.

    Happy paddling!
    Chris and Andrew in Gig Harbor

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