200 lbs of Blue Catfish in my S4

S4 kayak hull filled with 200 lbs of blue catfish

By Captain Larry Jarboe

I took an S4 with me on a trip to my native Maryland, and today, I launched it out of our Nation’s newest marine sanctuary at Mallows Bay.
I fished the Potomac channel’s edge for the invasive Blue Catfish which taste very good. Right off, they started slamming the baits. I started taking video but the GoPro did not respond as it usually does. After some frustration, I put on my reading glasses to see no SD card displayed in fine print. Aaargh. Needless to say, I kept on fishing and caught over 200 lbs. of catfish in less than 3 hours. A couple are plus 20 pounders. The proof is in the pic taken from another camera. I don’t have a cooler big enough so they are packed on ice inside the S4 for distribution tomorrow morn.

3 thoughts on “200 lbs of Blue Catfish in my S4”

  1. Thanks Larry,

    Congratulations on this extremely productive fishing trip in your native state!
    I’m glad to see that you found yet another use to the S4, and this time as a commercial cooler of last resort… This takes “versatility” to a new level 😀

    And needless to say that if one happens to catch this much fish, paddling back to the launching spot is not an option. Motorized kayaks have multiple advantages over ones that are exclusively human powered.


  2. Yoav, With some wet towels placed over the fish and two 16 lb. bags of ice laid on top, these fish stayed very fresh through the 40 degree F. night. Upon delivery in the morning, some were still wiggling. Three Amish families and our neighbor, Willy, will eat well. I scrubbed the S4 with hot water and did a high pressure rinse at the car wash for a couple bucks. The flatbed trailer really works well for travel and maintenance as well as storage with a cover. Also, it is easy to transfer fish when they are almost at waist level.

  3. Ah, I wish I was there to eat one of these fish! 😀

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