W700 striper trip

By Roxanne Davis


It’s June 1st, and I got a call from buddy Mike that he and his Father were taking the canoe striper fishing.

So I loaded up my gear and met them at the launch.

They were having some motor starting troubles, so I set out ahead of them.

Ran up river and started my drift back down, casting some top water, with no interest, then a single paddle tail on a 3/8oz gotcha jig head……nothing, not even a follow.

I picked up the rod with my hot lure for Stripers this season, first cast, nothing, second cast third or forth crank of the reel and BAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

Fish on, and the tow ride down river begins.

She was digging down hard, shaking her head and up and rolling on the surface trying to get away.

As I got here closer to the W700, she dove right under it.

Good thing I fight these standing up, or she would have broke my rod if I was sitting, I wouldn’t have got the rod down in the water in time.

Rod tip in the water, fighting the fish back out from under the W700.

I get her boat side again, I reach from my lip grippers and got her mouth on the first try.

Then I realize I forgot my pliers!!!!!

Lucky for me she didn’t fight me as I removed the two hooks in her mouth.

Now Mike and his Dad got the motor running and we head up river, I stayed behind them for fear of causing a wake
and tipping them over……it wasn’t pretty, but they got it done.



Start drifting back down river and my lure gets slammed as soon as it hits the water!!!!

Fish On…………………………off…………what the heck…….my rig broke, and she’s gone.

Still fishable, I cast out again and BAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

She hit it hard, rod doubled over…..then POP…she was gone….the rig broke again and now will be put to rest.
(Till I make a new one)

It was time to end the trip, skies were looking mean and the wind was starting to kick up.

My buddy and his Dad were already back at the launch when I headed in.

Still a Great day in my book, just being on the water is good enough, the fish I catch are just a Bonus.

I Love my W700, she getting way more love then the W500’s lately, but summer is here and and they will get tons of use with my Daughter, Lisa, and my Grand Daughter, those trips I will take video’s of.

Life is Good!
Tight Lines and MoPaddle Safe All.



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5 thoughts on “W700 striper trip”

  1. Looks great, sounds great, everything is great!! 😀


  2. Thanks Yoav.

    Did you notice how I rigged my tite-lok rod holders, they are set up to hold my paddle out of my way and very easy to grab when needed.

    Plus I can still use the rod holders for my fishing poles.

    It’s going to be a great fishing season.


  3. Rox,

    I think many people are thankful to you for having introduced these versatile rod holders to the Wavewalk community.
    I’m certainly one of them 🙂


  4. Awesome fish, Rox. Good to c u out on the water again. Pound for pound, how do those stripers fight compared to those smallies?

  5. Let me tell you, the Strike on top water is explosive and powerful, along with the fight.
    You keep that rod tip high, drag set just right so they can run and not snap the line.
    My Personal best is 38 1/2″ and the best fight of my life! (still trying to break it)

    With a paddle tail on a jig, they just slam it, your rod doubles over, rod’s butt stuck in my gut as I hold on and let the Stripers fight their fight, you have to let the rod do what it’s made to do.

    I use Med/Hvy Fast action spinning rods, 30lb braid with sro swivels and 30lb P-Line Fluorocarbon leader for all my striper set ups.
    And these are the same rods I use Large mouth Bass fishing, except with a 17lb leader tied on with a uni to uni knott, four raps only for each line.

    I love my Smallies, but if I could catch stripers all season, they’d be my number one target fish, then Small Mouth Bass, then Large Mouth Bass……and the list could go on.. 🙂

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