Wavewalk S4 motor kayak skiff rescues 24 ft boat broken down offshore, and tows it to safe harbor

S4 skiff rescues Grady White boat

By Captain Larry Jarboe

Key Largo, Florida

This evening, at the edge of sunset, I was driving the White Knight, my Wavewalk S4 workhorse that’s powered by a 9.8 HP Tohatsu outboard motor, and I spotted a couple people two handed waving from a 24′ Grady White boat.
They were broken down, offshore, and two other much bigger boats had passed them by.

The Wavewalk S4 easily hip-towed them to safe harbor through the channel into the Garden Cove canal, for a safe landing.
They are now home, with cold beers.

This pic is none too good, as I am a better towboat operator than a photographer. But, bringing a Grady back to the dock with a kayak is a noteworthy accomplishment.

Soon, my motor will be flushed. The S4 stowed.

Maybe, a cold beer (or two) is in order.

A nice way to start another Wavewalk weekend!

3 thoughts on “Wavewalk S4 motor kayak skiff rescues 24 ft boat broken down offshore, and tows it to safe harbor”

  1. Wow!…
    Larry, I am speechless… although in the past you and I have discussed the possibility that the S4 equipped with a powerful motor could tow a much bigger boat, if necessary.
    Still, this is not just two S4 fans (senior R&D team members, to be exact) talking about a hypothetical situation, but a real boat rescue, at night.
    This is truly a great story, and a great testimonial to your ability, no less than it is a confirmation of the S4 being a super kayak, for real.

    This story could have been entitled “100 lbs Wavewalk kayak with a 10 HP motor tows back to to safe harbor a 5,000 lbs boat broken down offshore”, or “Yet another rescue exploit by Captain Jarboe and his White Knight Wavewalk micro skiff”… etc.

    What can I say except “Wow!”? 🙂

    I wish I was there too, with a cold Heineken beer in my hand,


  2. Outstanding job Captain Larry Jarboe, towing in a 24′ Grady White that was broken down must have been quite the sight.
    And in the dark no less.

    Yes, a cold beer or two is in order, and the White Knight has earned it’s keep three or four times over.
    From helping everyone get through the tough days after the hurricane, to towing stranded boaters and kayakers
    safely back to port.

    Tight Lines and MoPaddle safe All.

  3. They should make a TV series about Larry! 🙂

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