Wavewalk S4 in the new Gator Green color

Here are some images that show the S4 in the new Gator Drab Green color.
This color and similar ones are popular among Jon boat users, since it blends well with the surroundings in inland fisheries, and it serves as a good base for camouflage.
Duck hunters will be interested in it as well, for similar reasons.

On lakes and slow moving rivers, marshes and flats, and whether it is paddled with kayak or canoe paddles, or outfitted with outboard motors and mud motors, if you’re able to see this boat, it will look good anywhere.

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2 thoughts on “Wavewalk S4 in the new Gator Green color”

  1. Oh I like that color a lot.

    I also like the mud brown.

    But that Gator Drab Green is AWESOME!!!!

    Tight Lines and MoPaddle Safe All.

  2. Thanks Rox,

    It’s just a regular color that our rotational motors use.
    Maybe it was developed for military equipment and/or camping gear.


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