Training my retriever dog with my Wavewalk 700 duck hunting kayak

By Chris Henderson


Went hunting yesterday and it was the first time I was able to get my retriever out.  Mixed results, she actually started getting a bit shy of the gun, which will take a lot of work to fix.  Definitely fixable but a bit more work before she is in the next video.
It was just Torri and I so I used the W700.  It is a trusty platform for getting to the duck hunting spot and my go to boat.  Others with motors and heavier boats dare not tread where we hunt (in truth they would sink trying to pull the boat across the mud the 700 is heavy enough!).  But it was a bright sunny day and the water was like glass.  I even had a cup of coffee while the current took me back to the ramp.
Here is a link to the video:

4 thoughts on “Training my retriever dog with my Wavewalk 700 duck hunting kayak”

  1. Thanks Chris,

    It’s great to see that all the effort and time you put into training Torri is starting to bear fruit!

    A for the S4 being 20 lbs heavier than the W700, it also features much wider hulls, which means it has better mud-gliding capabilities. But that’s me being an armchair quarterback, of course… I’m sure you’ll try this with your S4 too.

    Anyways, this yet another perfect illustration of our Super Mobility concept: Launch anywhere, go anywhere, beach anywhere 🙂


  2. Thanks Yoav,

    20lbs + a motor is a bit more. The problem is not the hulls mud gliding, but unfortunately my feet do not share the characteristic. So when you lift an equal and opposite reaction happens and you go deeper into the mud! However, that fact makes the spot we hunt available. Guys with motors just don’t bother.

    We will use the S4 out there this season but we will anchor it in the channel and use the 700 to get us to our spot.

    More videos to come the season is just getting started.


  3. Own a pair. They ride with me in the boat and are occasionally needed. They do work.

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