Enjoying our W700 the old fashioned way

By Katherine McCarthy


The 700 is terrific! I find it so versatile! Can go solo, double or paddleboard. I enjoy the paddleboard best as it moves faster than solo paddling in Cohasset Harbor. I feel very stable on board. We always have folks inquiring about the 700 and give your web info. Hope they call!

We lucked out and are able to store the 700 right at Cohasset harbor. The Cohasset Student Coastal Research Center lets us keep the boat at their dock in exchange for us letting the students use the boat for the research studies! The 700 is helping our environment!

We decided against motorizing. Maintaining small engines is not our forte. Enjoying the W700 the old fashioned way!

This is Little Harbor, Cohasset.


3 thoughts on “Enjoying our W700 the old fashioned way”

  1. Thanks Kathy,

    Standing is pretty new, as far as paddling kayaks go 🙂

    Last time I visited Cohasset harbor was 15 years ago, and this is what I did there 😀

    Walking on water in Cohasset harbor


  2. We got a patent on that water walking invention, and the NY Times published an article on it in 2004, but I decided to go in the paddle craft direction, thinking that eventually I’d be able to offer motor boats 🙂

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