5 thoughts on “Wavewalk S4x3 multi boat for leisure & adventure”

  1. Unbelievable! 🙂

    The perfect setup for fishing and diving trips –
    “Anglers to the left boat please, and divers to the right one! See you later!”…

    The next step is to outfit each of the towed S4s with a small motor, so that their passengers can choose between two modes of propulsion when they’re no longer in tow.


  2. This multi-boat, or modular boat can take up to nine adult passengers on board, and plenty of fishing, diving and camping gear. It can go in rough water as well as in skinny water, and it will never get stranded at low tide. It’s as stable as a big boat, and you can launch it anywhere, and beach it anywhere.
    And with a bigger motor it could cruise at a 15 mph speed, and possibly much more.

    Larry, you’ve created a monster! 😀


  3. Larry….you are one creative dude. I expect to soon see a fourth S4 in tow with a grill on board so that you can provide all your anglers and snorkelers nice hot burgers for lunch.

  4. A grill and an on board chef! 😀

  5. Notice how well that bottle of sunscreen fits in the saddle support hole of the S4. My wife stashes her mini-bottle of Sutter Home wine there, too. The S4 definitely is built for fun in the sun.

    Larry J.

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