Two Wavewalk S4 skiffs motorizing in the ocean and in the mangroves

By Captain Larry Jarboe

Florida Fishing Kayaks

Yesterday, I did a delightful “Wavewalk Wednesday” motorized demo w/ 2 super nice people from Georgia, John and Peni.

Two boats, with two people in each one, each boat had a 3.5 hp outboard, operating through extremely tight creeks and choppy open ocean, and no concern with tipping.

We plunged through the mangrove forest, stopped at the only natural sand beach on the Atlantic in Key Largo, circumnavigated Rattlesnake Key and, both boats ran out of fuel on the way home.

But, I had more on board.

We had a great afternoon.






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One thought on “Two Wavewalk S4 skiffs motorizing in the ocean and in the mangroves”

  1. Thanks Larry,

    Very interesting!

    Here is how a manufacturer (me) sees this video:
    “Two passengers whose combined weight is around 400 lbs and a motor weighing 37 lbs, namely a payload of around 430 lbs – all stacked aft of the boat’s middle. This 98 lbs skiff is driven in pretty choppy water, probably a tidal current. The driver sits in the riding position, and the passenger sits in front of him in the side-saddle position. Both seem relaxed and enjoying the ride. The boat looks fine too. Wow!”


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