Wavewalk 500, 700 and S4, side by side

Following a request by Tom and Gary, here is a couple of computer renders of the W500, W700 and S4, side by side (virtually).
We opted to present the visual info this way rather than to shoot actual photos because computer imaging is less prone to distortions caused by lenses and inadequate angles of shooting.




19 thoughts on “Wavewalk 500, 700 and S4, side by side”

  1. Tom Kilgore says:

    Perfect. That’s what we needed to see. Those of us that have the 500 or 700 can now see the difference.

  2. Again, I agree with Tom. Pictures like these, immediately followed by a detailed table of specs for each basic model, and then a brief descriptive paragraph of each, should introduce prospective buyers with the info they need on all 3 models to get started without having to click on several different pages. Armed with this info, they then could move to the more detailed descriptive sections for those models that seem most suited to their particular needs. Again, this is just my 2 cents worth.

  3. Thanks Gary,

    Different people use different strategies when they look for information.
    People who are more analytical and technically savvy could benefit from having the information presented to them this way.
    Others may not react positively.
    Some people look for a specific thing, such as price, “no back pain”, “duck hunting”, “skinny water”, lightweight kayak, etc.
    Many would just watch a video or two and react to what they see.
    Things get even more complicated when you take into consideration the fact that many people get to our website for the first time through their mobile device. This is not a good medium for tables and textual information, and it works better with videos and pictures.


  4. Good points, Yoav. It’s good my career was that of a biologist instead of a salesman or website designer.

  5. 😀

    Your website looks pretty good, actually

  6. Pyt Rotary says:

    Great views!
    Easy to compare.

  7. Thanks Pyt,

    Your S4 is ready, and we’ll ship it next week.


  8. Pyt Rotary says:

    Great. As soon I get it will go for the maiden voyage, most probably Simcoe lake.

  9. Yoav……….one notable difference on the front views of the 3 W’s are the considerably wider hulls of the S4, which, I assume should result in sitting a bit higher in the water. I wonder if you have information comparing these differences. In my W 500, there are times when I get stuck on minus tides; floating 1 inch higher could make the difference between moving forward or having to take a longer route.

  10. True.
    If you watch David Hernandez’ S4 demo movie, you’ll get to a scene where the paddler rotates his S4 around itself swiftly and easily.
    This is possible due to the boat’s shallow draft.


  11. Someday, when you have nothing else to do, Yoav, maybe you could take the 3 models to your lake, get someone in the 150 -200 pound range to sit in each, and measure the how far each sinks below the surface. I may be the only one interested in the result, so no problem if you have better things to do. BTW, Happy Memorial Day to all you vets out there.

  12. Gary,

    There is no need to run inaccurate real-world comparative experiments to obtain these numbers, which can be figured easily and accurately using physics and a calculator.
    Such figures feature on the specs sheets for all 3 series under ‘Draft’.
    Bottom line: For a passenger weighing 150-200 lbs, the W500 would sink the most, since it’s the smallest craft, but not in a meaningful way, and the S4 would hardly sink at all.


  13. Dear Gary,

    With the introduction of the S4, Yoav will not likely find a time ever again when he has nothing to do. A portable and stable motor yak that paddles well, too, is such a practical design. I think he will be filling orders for years to come.

    The S4 is your supreme shallow draft kayak and motorboat. Schedule a trip down to the Key Largo and you can compare both the W700 and the S4 side by side and underway.

    I still use my W700s for kayak paddle guiding but the S4 is now the motor tender that I will primarily use to round up the flock.

    And, carry not one, but two ladies to a world where no man has gone before.

    But, that is another story…

    Larry J.

  14. Larry,

    The S4 will become the prefect boat as soon as it learns to sell itself 😀


  15. Thanks, guys, but physics and a calculator?

    I may be the only W owner who often plans fishing trips around minus tides. A few weeks ago I misjudged the strong SE wind blowing water out from my projected return route at low tide, and I got stuck pretty good trying to get back in about an inch of water. I had to walk my 500 quite a ways in knee deep mud at times (thankfully, I’m reasonably fit). Knowing that the S4 would have gotten me over that would be an attractive selling point. I’ll check the draft info you referred to, Yoav.

    Thanks for the offer, Larry. I was kidding Yoav about the spare time reference, as I often do (sometimes I think he takes me too seriously). I’d love to get down that way sometime, and also head over to the Everglades. Sounds like you have an awesome operation. Will let you know.

  16. My wife and I are planning to go on vacation in south Florida sometime this winter, and spend some time with Larry and his fleet of Wavewalks.
    Who knows, maybe we’ll even try fishing 😀


  17. Gary,

    From the Chesapeake to the Keys, smart fishermen patiently wait for the moving ebb tide to do their best catching.

    When the tide goes slack, it is generally time to pack up and head home (over the most shallow water of the tide cycle).

    The S4 with the motor kicked up and poled backward from the stern will slide over unbelievably skinny water. Beats slogging through muck.

    Larry J.

  18. If anyone deserves a vacation it’s Yoav. Try not to get him lost in the mangroves, Larry!

  19. Gary,

    Orit works much harder than me. Actually, she works harder than anyone I know.
    She deserves a vacation much more than I do.


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