Welcoming the new S4 while appreciating the Wavewalk 700

By Captain Larry Jarboe

Florida Fishing Kayaks

Of course, there is a lot of excitement about the delivery schedule of the new Wavewalk S4 motor yaks. But, the W700 design still has a very important place in my personal life and growing business.

My W700’s are perfect for my guide and rental service. Here, I want people to focus on enjoying nature and catching fish in the Florida Keys. Often, motors can be cantankerous and disrupt an otherwise fine day of fun in a clean marine environment. Paddles are virtually maintenance free and totally pollution free. I include both the double kayak paddle and a canoe paddle with my W700 guided trips as both styles work very well. This allows my customers to choose their personal preference of non-polluting propulsion.
This week, Rafael and Eddie joined me for two consecutive days of fishing in the mangroves and open water. Whether, they fished atop the W700’s or in the shadow from overhead, these guys put fish after fish into the storage bags and big cooler. They caught about 10 different species of fish and over 100 fish each day. Many of the fish were filleted and donated to my neighbors who, believe it or not, cannot afford to buy fresh fish at the seafood market.
I have ground up the fish carcasses through my commercial chum grinder and have enough frozen chum blocks to feed the fish for more trips with the fleet of W700 fishing kayaks.
Or, should they be called “Catching Kayaks”?



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One thought on “Welcoming the new S4 while appreciating the Wavewalk 700”

  1. Thanks Larry,

    Glad to see you have plenty of action in your fishing tours business!

    Yes, the S4 is exciting as can be, but so are the 700 and 500, for certain conditions, usages, and people. Together, these three lines are the best of breed in kayaks and small skiffs.

    I’m looking forward to your input on the S4 🙂


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