Larry The Stable Guy

By Captain Larry Jarboe

Over the weekend, I bow mounted a 30 lb. thrust Minnkota Endura electric trolling motor to my W700. This $99 motor is over 20 years old. Though it is labeled for freshwater use, it works fine in saltwater if it is hosed off after usage

Though I’d like to use a lithium battery, the price is still too high. So, I have an extra marine lead acid battery that slips easily into the forward hull.

With the motor locked in forward, it is easy to steer with a long handled canoe paddle from the stern while standing and even perform some slightly impressive maneuvers. This is wonderfully enjoyable but not too strenuous exercise.

It was too rough on the ocean for the bikini clad paddle boarders to be able to manage the wind and chop but the lone powered paddle cat-a-yakker was able to “Get ‘er done” despite conditions that kept the other yaks and paddle boards on shore.

My other brother, Larry, may be the Cable Guy. With the W700, a little extra thrust, and the plaid sleeveless cotton shirt, I have a new moniker: Larry, The Stable Guy

P.S. – The Wavewalk ball cap and motor bracket are available to purchase on the website.

electric-stand-up-fishing-kayak-Key-Largo-1024 (2) electric-stand-up-fishing-kayak-Key-Largo-1024


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2 thoughts on “Larry The Stable Guy”

  1. Thanks Larry,

    Looks like a lot of fun! 🙂

    Many thanks for your hard work in the Wavewalk booth at ICAST. You toiled for three days, informing, teaching and inspiring countless prospecting clients, as well as the junior members of our team 😀 Fantastic job!
    We are very grateful to you!


  2. Yoav,

    You are most welcome. ICAST was a blast!

    The wind is still gusty, here. This afternoon, I plan to turn the W700 into a reef shuttle for snorkelers.

    Thus, taking the Wavewalk design where “no man has gone before”.

    Pics to come…

    Larry, The Stable Guy

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