Anchor solution for the W700 fishing kayak

By Captain Larry Jarboe

Key Largo, Florida

I did not know how to post a pic on a blog. But, this is one simple solution to Dario’s problem securing an anchor line. Two rod holders are included in the mix.
This is a mega-cleat with 2 rod holders and a 1 kg Lewmar claw anchor. No holes were drilled in the W700…


Anchor, and DIY dual rod holder
Anchor, and DIY dual rod holder



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One step at a time

By Dario Lazaric

Melbourne, Australia

I haven’t been in a lot of kayaks before.
I’ve been out with my wavewalk a couple of times, even caught a fish. Stood up, paddled, good fun.
It was tough paddling against the wind and waves, but I’m very happy with it, and it can do much more than in the conditions I took it out in.
Will take it out again sometime when the wind isn’t too strong. I want to get the motor on board as well, but one step at a time. I need to get an anchor, how do I attach it?
Very happy with it. I feel very safe and happy in the wavewalk.






4 hp mercury outboard. Fitting the transom mount


20″ propeller shaft


Will need wheels to carry the wavewalk to the beach with the motor attached to it.

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Fleet of Wavewalk 700 tandem fishing kayaks on top of mother ship

By Captain Larry Jarboe

Key Largo, Florida

The Line Dancer is now equipped w/ three W700 tandem Wavewalks providing shade, rain protection, life boat potential, shallow water exploration, and a source of weekend rental income.

My neighbor, Fred, thinks this is a fabulous idea.

He believes I might make enough money to be able to afford fishing.


3 Wavewalk 700 tandem fishing kayaks on top of mother ship


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Some pictures of my Wavewalk 700

By John Sealy

I have been working on outfitting my 700 for fishing and other activities.

Here’s a few pictures I thought you may enjoy.

  1. Me with my grandchildren, how many kayaks/small boats could you do this in?
  2. My preliminary Railblaza console set up (got good ideas from Joe Stauder) and the first rough version of the ‘Sealy Seat.’ I hate that the picture has a brown bottle stuck in a hole in the hull. Picked bottle up to trash it.
  3. Picture of happy customer with seat.
  4. The 700 at dock of Merchants Mill Pond State Park ready to go look for gators and snakes….found both.

Note Railblaza base mounts on transom. Console set up for rod holder, GPS/phone holder, and GoPro mount.



Fishing Console 2
Console, fishing rod, electronics…


happy paddler


My kayak docked in Merchants Mill pond
Fishing yak docked at Merchants Mill Pond State Park, NC

The noodle sections attached to the cockpit edges in front of the seat are notched on top so I can lay the paddle crosswise when fishing and want it close at hand.
The two noodles outside at rear they are just overkill and used as bumpers on docks and helped protect the boat when in the bed of my truck.  They’re not in the way attached to pad eyes, and thought I could feed them to a gator 😀 if needed.

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Jai’s first kayak fishing trip

By Gary Rankel

Nature Coast Kayak Fishers

Art and I accompanied Jai Rhee on his first ever kayak fishing trip today, in his brand new W700. Outside of the fact that we didn’t get any fish, we had a great day with Art showing steady progress in his recovery from last year’s stroke, and Jai appreciating the fishability of his new W700. He’s still learning the art of paddling and yak fishing, but he’s more than a willing learner. His only complaint was his sore arms after after 5 hours of paddling / casting. I’m glad he decided to buy a pickup truck to facilitate loading and hauling his 700 around.
We topped the day off with a cold one and a great grouper lunch at the nearby seafood place in Ozello.


Jai standing next to his W700 at dawn, before launching


Jai-standing-on-the-beach-next-to-Art-and-their kayaks
Jai snapping a picture of Art and their kayaks


Jai and Art trying to catch some fish


Jai mastering the art of kayak paddling


Art and Jai at the end of the trip


Jai uploading his W700 to his pickup truck


Mission accomplished!


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