Bass boat style swivel seat for W700

By Steve Lucas

The seat swivels. You can do this with any el cheapo, plastic boat seat.

This is still a prototype but it works pretty well. The objective should be tho have the bottom of the seat flush against the saddle while still being able to swivel. This way you don’t raise your center of gravity much and it eliminates the need for drilling holes in the boat and metal or plastic swivel bases.

1 Rubber Stopper – Amazon
4 1/2 inches of PVC pipe
1 Carriage Bolt – 1 Nut – 2 Washers

The cushion is optional.

Wavewalk 700 outfitted with swivel seat
Wavewalk 700 fishing kayak outfitted with a DIY swivel seat






stand-for-W700-seat (2)








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One thought on “Bass boat style swivel seat for W700”

  1. Thanks Steve,

    Looks sturdy, comfortable, and easy to make.
    The ability to relocate this seat at will offers a significant advantage since it means that the user can accommodate various circumstances, such as a second passenger on board, a motor, launching in the surf, beaching, etc.


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