Reentry from deep water

This deep water reentry demo video is long overdue –
The footage was contributed a few years ago by Berny Marsden from the UK, who designed and built a DIY wooden stitch-and-glue Wavewalk, with some help from Wavewalk’s design team  🙂
Berny named his DIY Wavewalk “Banana Split”, and his boat’s dimensions and load capacity are comparable to those of the 700 series.

In this video, Berny hops into the cockpit directly, in a straight angle.
It’s also possible to get in from a sharper angle, in a position that’s more aligned with the boat, as well as climb in from the rear.


Note that if there is some water in one of the hulls, the extra weight on that side can make reentry easier if you do it from the other, lighter side.

We’ve decided to publish this video for the benefit of our clients who dive and practice spear fishing.

2 thoughts on “Reentry from deep water”

  1. Yoav,

    Notice the size of his fins. This video would be far more entertaining if he was swimming barefoot.

    I believe a medium to large boat fender floating horizontally and secured along the side would be a great asset to slide over prior to sliding one’s medium to large body into the cockpit after a quick dip.

    When the water warms, I’ll try to find someone other than my wife to photograph my attempt.

    She can’t hold the camera still and laugh at the same time.

    Larry J.

  2. Larry,

    Sliding over one of the hulls would have the same effect as sliding over a float, thanks to the fact that each of the twin W700 hulls offers more than enough buoyancy to support the weight of a ‘medium to large body” individual.
    Watch this video:

    It shows me, a ‘medium to large’ (200 lbs) guy, paddling standing with both my feet in one hull, and this hull keeps offering over 10 inches of free board even in this unusual situation.


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