Fisherman finds his way with his W500 in a sea of flooded grass flats

Jeff McGovern created this new infomercial for the W500 –

You’ve got to appreciate the beautiful panoramic shots of miles of featureless flooded grass flats, as well as Jeff’s wise advice:

Says Jeff –
“Here is one of the many seatrout from yesterday. Right after the video just about the time I was getting close to the open area outside the creek the sky got dark. Wind, rain, it was fun and thank goodness I was in the Wavewalk 500. Made it much more comfortable not having to sit in a puddle.
Most of the fish came when things got nasty, since it was a long paddle back against the wind I figured I’m already wet so I might as well fish. Very glad there was no lightening and thunder. We are the lightening strike capital of the world around here and I hate to be part of the record when I’m out on the water.
Of course when the weather started to improve the W500 is great for a quick trip back to the fish camp.

Take Care, Jeff ”

2 thoughts on “Fisherman finds his way with his W500 in a sea of flooded grass flats”

  1. Most people who fish out of kayaks can’t stand up in them safely, but they can always use a periscope for scouting! 😉 I can already see the discussions about this idea in kayak fishing forums… “My periscope is taller!” – “Yeah, but mine has a hi-res video camera built in!”
    Progress never ends, you know…

  2. That’s not such a bad idea, and it’s certainly doable. The same periscope could be made to help scouting both above and below the surface. Even the idea of a built-in video camera isn’t that far fetched.

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