4 thoughts on “DIY Stitch and Glue Wooden W Kayak Project – Berny Marsden, United Kingdom”

  1. That’s a fine looking yak, or skiff, or cat… in other words a W!
    I’m a bit worried about those thin alumimum tubes – When you load the boat with additional personnel and gear, you’d better have 2 x 4 timber there instead, and I mean inches, not centimeters…

  2. I agree. One of these wooden boards could serve a dual purpose, that is as a transom mount for a motor as well.

  3. Pete, thanks for your comments.
    The aluminium tubes are much more robust and stiff than they look as they are 25 mm (1 inch) diameter tube with a 3 mm wall thickness. They have proven more than adequate for the job and there is no sign of flexing at all.
    By the way, the tube clamps are made from blocks of solid oak. The blocks are bolted and glued to the sides of the hulls.
    Overall, the design means I can dismantle the boat and load it onto my roof bars one hull at a time so it’s very manageable.
    Once assembled I have made a dolly for transporting it over rough beaches: http://i485.photobucket.com/albums/rr217/valvelifter/Banana%20Split/IMG_2755.jpg

  4. Berny,
    For the benefit of the W fishing kayak blog visitors, I thought I’d download the picture of your trolley and post it here:

    Wheel trolley for DIY catamaran kayak, UK

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