W500 Outfitted With 1.2hp Outboard Motor Towing a Second Kayak

By Rox Davis

As promised, here’s the movie of Rox towing Lisa.
The movie was shot during the two kayak anglers’ latest fishing trip – Note that Rox’s W500 kayak is outfitted with a 1.2 hp Gamefisher outboard gas engine, and although it’s not a very powerful motor, the two kayaks are going at a pretty good speed:

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False Albacore Caught On Fly In My W300 Fishing Kayak

By Brandon Cutter, MA

I found some time this week to fish Nantucket sound. A buddy and I paddled the fly rods out to where the false albacore surfaced the previous morning. After much pursuit, I landed 2 out of the 4 bites and will include a very brief video of one kayak side.

Also, managed to to land a bluefish and striped bass, which completed hitting for the cycle, in the New England terms anyway.


Cape Cod, Massachusetts

DIY Stitch and Glue Wooden W Kayak Project – Berny Marsden, United Kingdom

Here’s a new DIY W kayak designed and built by Berny Marsden from the UK:

DIY stitch and glue wooden W fishing kayak design - United Kingdom
Berny standing in his DIY fishing and diving W kayak, and testing its stability…

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