W500 Outfitted With 1.2hp Outboard Motor Towing a Second Kayak

By Rox Davis

As promised, here’s the movie of Rox towing Lisa.
The movie was shot during the two kayak anglers’ latest fishing trip – Note that Rox’s W500 kayak is outfitted with a 1.2 hp Gamefisher outboard gas engine, and although it’s not a very powerful motor, the two kayaks are going at a pretty good speed:

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3 thoughts on “W500 Outfitted With 1.2hp Outboard Motor Towing a Second Kayak”

  1. Thanks Yoav,

    It was fun, but as you see, I had some camera control problems. 🙂

    I have another video that Lisa took from behind, but her video is stuck on skyline, hope to figure out the problem soon.

    The tow rope I used was a 15′ dog leash.
    I’m going to make a tow bar for the Wave Walks, so I’ll have better control of the yak behind me.

    It sure was fun, and made a long trip to the fish quick and simple.

    Tight lines and MoPaddle safe all.

  2. Great video Rox, I enjoyed watching it, and didn’t notice camera control problems… How about call this movie “yak on a leash” ? 😀

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