The True Stand Up Fly Fishing Kayak

Craig Masterman is a saltwater kayak fly fisherman who fly fishes in Cape Cod and Florida. This video from 2010 shows him testing the now suspended W500, that was replaced by the W700, which is a roomier and stabler version of the W500.

7 thoughts on “The True Stand Up Fly Fishing Kayak”

  1. The lawn chair idea is intriguing, but I guess it could be dangerous because folks would just fall asleep in their yaks due to excess comfort

  2. The w-500 is the one and only, and I’ve tried them all

  3. Excess comfort can be hazardous


  4. Nice job on the video.
    I’ve put a lawn chair in my W300 to try it out.

    They work great, but I’d rather have the extra room, and the saddle is
    just fine for me.

    You can nap in the W, just make sure you tie off to something so you won’t float away. 🙂

    Tight lines and Paddle Safe All.

  5. Jeff McGovern says:

    Funny thing about that W saddle. No padding , no back rest, no straps, no adjustment, darn! Then why is it so good? Well, it’s has to do with comfort and ease of use. Besides you never have to worry about a forgotten seat and leaving it at home. I’ve seen that simple error ruin entire days of fishing for folks in other kayaks. The W saddle represents the best seat in the world of fishing kayaks right now and it should hold that title for a long time to come.

  6. I’d like to try one of these, do you have dealers in Texas?

  7. Craig Masterman says:

    Carl06, whether you fish or not, the W500 is really easy to stand up in, paddles beautifully, and is incredibly comfortable. Believe me, I’m not that athletic, and if I make it look easy, it’s only because it really…truly…..IS!!!! Even if you order one without the opportunity to try it, you will not be disappointed! After 10 minutes in the boat, you’ll know what I’m talking about!

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