The W500 Fishing Kayak: Unbelievably Stable

Kayak fishing hype is everywhere, but the truth has a value of its own, since it can be demonstrated and proven in real life, as seen in this W500 video:

Kayak stability without comfort and safety is a misnomer, and so is kayak fishing standing and stand up paddling without comfort and safety.
It is not reasonable to expect a paddler or angler to rise up from the L position to a standing position, and it is reckless to expect that they’ll sit down from a standing position in case they lose balance, which always happens when you stand up in or on top a kayak.
This is where the 14 inches high W500 kayak saddle shines…

Stability is essential for fishing out of a kayak. Read more about what makes The Wavewalk design the most stable of all.

This short video shows in slow motion the stability offered by the W500 fishing kayak in the riding position:

More on paddling and fishing in the riding position »

If you’re impressed with the W500 kayak’s extreme stability, watch the W700’s absolute stability:

A 205 lbs man can stand in full confidence on the side of the W700. This revolutionary stability puts the W700 in the boat category. It is no longer a kayak as far as stability is concerned. And the S4 is even more stable…

6 thoughts on “The W500 Fishing Kayak: Unbelievably Stable”

  1. Knucklewalker says:

    I’ve been watching w videos for years, and I’m still amazed. Well done!

  2. The only thing that comes close to this boat is its older sister the w300

  3. borax,

    The basic idea with the W500 was to offer a W kayak that’s a ‘get in and paddle boat’, and does not require fro new users to go through a learning curve, like the W300 did.


  4. Jeff McGovern says:

    Did I detect a smile on the face of a certain genius marine designer? Very well done sir, proof postive this boat just plain works. It is a true stand alone anglers craft with no competition anywhere in the paddle craft market.

  5. Who’s the guy performing in this movie
    – is he a professional stuntman?

  6. That guy is me:
    Middle aged, 6 ft tall, 200 lbs, non-athletic, and lacking any special sporting background or unusual capabilities.
    Just a regular, middle aged guy.


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