Upwind Sailing The W500 Catamaran Kayak, Standing Up, No Outriggers

Jim Luckett rigged a Wavewalk 500 with a sailing kit, and took it sailing in Vermont.  The sail area is 55 SF (5 square meters)

The result is very exciting, as this video shows:

Jim is sailing this catamaran kayak upwind, at full speed, standing up and feeling at ease, although his 28.5 inches wide (72 cm) W500 is not equipped with outriggers, as one would expect under such conditions.

4 thoughts on “Upwind Sailing The W500 Catamaran Kayak, Standing Up, No Outriggers”

  1. Looks like the side dagger boards he implements in those rigs helps him get away without using outriggers. Looks like fun. Some day I like to progress beyond my umbrella for sail power. That looks like the ticket since it lets you sail up wind. The umbrella though is a nice minimalist way to still do some down wind sailing on the way home from a fishing trips.

  2. Not sure about those dagger boards:
    Back in 2005 I sailed the W300 standing as is, with just a DIY crab claw rig. No outriggers, and nothing else – not even a rudder (windsurfer style…)
    And I’m not a sailor by any standard 😀

  3. Dagger boards are a definite advantage for sailing up wind and stability. They limit side slippage and provide underwater leverage to compensate for the leverage applied by the sail to the mast and help propel the boat up wind.

  4. Jeff McGovern says:

    Hmmm, OK I don’t sail at all but——– darn that looks like fun. Besides I could still stash my Emmrods under the deck just in case since you never know when a cast or two might be needed.

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