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Precision bass fishing thick weeds in my Wavewalk kayak, by Clint Miller

The pic of the water shows how thick the weeds I was fishing were.
Standup flipping the pockets was the ONLY way to get at the big ones.. there were at least 50 boats on an extremely small lake and the pressure and sunlight had em dug in deep.
No bass boat (or any boat with a motor) could even attempt to go thru those weed mats, and a conventional kayak wouldn’t help because u can’t stand up to hit the 2″ to 4″ holes in the weeds with your bait. So this method was actually derived exclusively from the wavewalk!!! And man am I thankful ..


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Bass boat standup swivel seat for my W fishing kayak, by Paul Harrison

Thought I would share an idea I am working on. I became intrigued with having a “standup” pedestal/swivel seat similar to what I have used in bass boats. Some call these leaning posts or butt seats. You are in more of an upright posture for fishing, and for paddling in the case of a Wavewalk kayak.

1st prototype of bass-boat style standup swivel seat for W kayak

I developed a prototype of this idea as shown in the attached photos. I am testing different mounting locations and heights more than the perfect attachment/mounting scheme. This is pretty satisfactory as is with the center of the pedestal 7 inches behind midships and the height of the seat 24 inches above the hull bottom. This works well although I might shim and raise it a few inches when I finalize. Fore/aft balance seemed about right and I can still sit on the saddle in front of it if needed. The various parts are all from Ba$$ Pro except of course the saddle bracket. The fixed pedestal unit has a 7″ rise and a swivel is bolted to the top of it with the butt seat on top of that (need to attend to something at the stern or paddle out backwards? just spin around). There are all sorts of stainless adjustable pedestals and pedestal sockets but this turns into more than I wanted to spend!

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The attachment scheme doesn’t require any holes in the kayak and can be broken down to two major components with a couple of bolts and maybe wing nuts in the final form. It is very secure when installed which was an important goal for me. An advantage is that it doesn’t require altering my saddle bracket or permanently tying it up with this application. I could allow the seat to be moved forward and aft with some more holes in the board that is running down the saddle.

Most importantly I was very pleased with paddling and sitting in this position. Having the seat pedestal to brace against provides great leverage when paddling from this position. Also, it extends the time I can standup paddle due to less need to balance and make adjustments with my feet, which can get tiring after a while (granted, a long while). And the ability to sit and relax at this height while fishing or sightseeing is a big plus. Stability was very good at this seat height and with my 5’10” height. You can use the different sitting positions as you would use on the saddle alone, although feet forward is very comfortable. One would obviously want to stick with more calm waters with this setup but you can always “just sit” on the saddle if things get squirrelly.

I would be interested in ideas to improve this. An obvious choice would be mounting the seat base between two saddle brackets as some have done with lower seats. This might require some additional bracing or a couple bolts in the saddle due to this height (don’t want to hinge the whole assembly off the saddle if applying a lot of pressure). I like not having to permanently use the saddle bracket for this setup though. It just boxes the system in so that it won’t slide forward. It is available to me then for tandem paddling or heavy loads.

Safe paddling …


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Bass, pickerel, and yellow perch on a kayak fishing trip in a restricted lake, by Michael Chesloff

Prospect lake is a Canoes & Kayaks Only for non-residents, and that’s not a problem for me and my Wavewalk…

On a 3 hour excursion I caught a bunch of good size (4 at 2 lbs or better) bass, 6 pickerel, and a beautiful 12 inch yellow perch that smashed a 5 inch paddletail.


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