Motorized Wavewalk 500 bass fishing trip

By Rox Davis


Took the W500 out yesterday for the first time since I’ve gotten the W700.
I Didn’t have the truck, so the Kia was it.

It was a windy day, water temps still at 67 degrees.
Lots of small fish, then a couple of good Large Mouths to save the day.

I made a video, and you will laugh when you hear what happens.

Tight Lines and MoPaddle Safe all.







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6 thoughts on “Motorized Wavewalk 500 bass fishing trip”

  1. Thanks Rox,

    Glad to see you caught a couple good size ones on the other side of the lake! 🙂

    This just shows how a small motor can make a big difference in a fishing trip – No fish where you’re looking for them? No problem! Instead of trying all the lures in your tackle box, you just start the motor and get to where the fish may be, and in this case they actually were.

    Rainbow reservoir is almost 2 miles long, so paddling from one end to the other takes time, and effort, while driving that distance hardly takes any time, and it’s fun…


  2. Good seeing you out on the water again, Rox, and thanks for the views of the Fall colors. We don’t get many of those down here in sunny Florida.

  3. 🙂 I’ll have to make sure I get some more footage of the leaf color
    changes for you.

    They should really be popping more great colors soon.


  4. Rox,

    As you know, because of the lightest weight, the W500 is still the easiest current Wavewalk vessel to throw on top of a small car. My white W500 atop a Toyota Yaris has traveled up and down the East Coast multiple times and was chased by Irma across the State of Florida.

    And, the W500 is a fish catching machine with the right captain at the helm. Those are BIG @$$ B@$$!!!

    That little Yamaha scoots…

    Larry J.

  5. Thanks Larry, I do love that W500 she moves real good with that 2hp Yamaha.
    Got my sights on a 4hp Yamaha…time will tell.

    I’ve gotten quite a collection of small motors now.
    All in great running condition, I’ve gotten great deals.

    And I can’t believe I’m saying again, after my first review of the W500, I didn’t think a more
    stable yak could be made…then came the W700, and again, I stand corrected, The W700 is even more
    rock solid then the W500.
    And with two people in the W700, the stability is amazing, standing, casting, and setting the hook. 🙂

    Tight Lines and MoPaddle safe All.

  6. Rox,

    I remember the first time I tested the W700 was somehow embarrassing for me, because jumping up and down in its cockpit didn’t yield much spray splashing around – The boat hardly reacted to all this fuss, and we had nothing interesting to show in a demo video.
    So I sat there and thought “How I can I show that this kayak is unbelievably stable?”… Then I tried standing with both feet in one hull and paddling this way, and it worked, and I knew that people watching the demo video would get it 😀


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