S4 kayak updates – rigging it for offshore fishing

By Terry Wilkison Hawaii The weather has been uncooperative for fishing lately so I’ve been working on some projects. Pretty happy with them and its nice that they don’t take long. I’m off to the mainland for a month but excited to fish when I get back in late April. I’m not a fan of … Continue reading “S4 kayak updates – rigging it for offshore fishing”


This page features links to reviews of the S4 microskiff that some S4 owners have contributed. All reviews feature the full names and states of the people who contributed them, as well as pictures that they sent us. We are very grateful to them! More Fishing in Guam  By Terry Wilkison, Guam Unmatched fishing platform … Continue reading “S4 MICROSKIFF REVIEWS”

Ocean Fishing

Fishing in the Ocean The ocean offers great fishing opportunities, but it presents special challenges and hazards to kayak anglers, and to anglers who fish out of small boats, such as microskiffs. Fishing out of a kayak in the ocean requires a stable, high performance kayak such as the W700 or W720, or better – … Continue reading “Ocean Fishing”