Ocean Fishing

Fishing in the Ocean The ocean offers great fishing opportunities, but it presents special challenges and hazards to kayak anglers, and to anglers who fish out of small boats, such as microskiffs. Fishing out of a kayak in the ocean requires a stable, high performance kayak such as the W700 or W720, or better – … Continue reading “Ocean Fishing”


LIST OF ARTICLES GROUPED BY SUBJECT 1. Boating Is Microskiff The Smallest of Skiffs? Microskiff Dictionary Trailer-Free Boat Portable Microskiff Fishing Kayak vs Small Boat and Microskiff Steering your microskiff You can’t get seasick in an S4 microskiff Personal Watercraft (PWC) Fishing VS Wavewalk S4 Fishing Canoe, Kayak, Boat or Multihull? Microskiffs Seaworthy portable microskiff … Continue reading “Articles”

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