Wavewalk 500 kayak tracking a plus in strong tidal current

By Art Myjak Problem: I found myself on the wrong side of the culvert at the wrong time – see attached sketches. I was on side A and needed to get to side B. Tide was going out and the rapids through the culvert was too strong for canoe, kayak or trolling motors (maybe even … Continue reading “Wavewalk 500 kayak tracking a plus in strong tidal current”

Review of the Wavewalk 500 kayak

By Gary Rankel I’m a retired biologist who worked for decades assisting Indian tribes throughout the country in managing their fish and wildlife resources. I’m in my seventies now, and I live in Florida. Fishing has been my passion since I was young, and I prefer to fish in saltwater, where I go for redfish, … Continue reading “Review of the Wavewalk 500 kayak”