Four boaters in one Wavewalk S4 skiff on a trip to Peanut Island

By Jesse Stephenson West Palm Beach, Florida Candy and I had friends visit from North Carolina, and we took them over to Peanut Island, and hung out for the day. What a blast! We went all four of us in the boat. We had to go slow but it works fine. It was only about … Continue reading “Four boaters in one Wavewalk S4 skiff on a trip to Peanut Island”


This page features links to reviews of the Wavewalk S4 that some of its owners have contributed. All reviews feature the full names and states of the people who contributed them, as well as pictures they sent us. We are very grateful to them. If I ever buy another boat it will be another S4 … Continue reading “WAVEWALK® S4 REVIEWS”

Locate Dealers

Authorized Wavewalk® Dealers and Demo Agents Only businesses listed on this page are authorized to demonstrate or resell Wavewalk® products. Since 2004, we’ve been selling our kayaks factory direct to clients in the US and in other countries. We also try to improve  distribution in some areas by reselling through local dealers. Our distribution includes … Continue reading “Locate Dealers”