W720 Catamaran Kayak-Skiff

The most stable kayak skiff that you can launch, drive, paddle and beach anywhere, and easily cartop 2024 W720 Kayak-Skiff The 2024 model W720 is Wavewalk’s newest, patented catamaran kayak skiff from the W700 series. The W720 delivers top performance in paddling and driving, for solo and tandem crews. 2024 Colors: Gator Green, White Price: … Continue reading “W720 Catamaran Kayak-Skiff”

Locate Dealers

Authorized S4 Dealers and Demo Agents Only businesses listed on this page are authorized to demonstrate or resell Wavewalk products. Since 2004, we’ve been selling our kayaks and boats directly to clients in the US and Canada, and to overseas clients. In some areas we also have dealers who resell our boats locally, and demo … Continue reading “Locate Dealers”


LIST OF ARTICLES GROUPED BY SUBJECT 1. Boating 2. Motorizing 3. Stability 4. Choosing a Kayak 5. Fishing 6. Paddling 7. Ergonomics 8. Design 9. Outfitting 1. Boating NEW ARTICLE: Best Boat For Under $10,000 in 2024 Driving Your S4 Microskiff Keeping Your Microskiff’s Cockpit Dry Maintenance-Free Boat Is Microskiff The Smallest of Skiffs? Microskiff … Continue reading “Articles”