Guided Boat Tours in Key Largo

The Wavewalk Express touring boat, Key Largo

Great news for tourists in Key Largo!

Captain Larry Jarboe just added to his fleet the new Wavewalk Express, a comfortable aluminum catamaran with room for half a dozen passengers on its spacious deck.

Larry has decades of experience in guiding boat tours, and he offers exclusive excursions including tours at sunset, and tours on both sides of Key Largo, namely the ocean, mangroves, parks and nature reserves.

Activities include watching the sunset, dolphins, manatees, fish etc, as well as driving through the mangrove maze in combination with Wavewalk S4 and W700 kayaks, and without them.

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sunset on the ocean, Key Largo

manatee swimming in a canal, Key Largo

One thought on “Guided Boat Tours in Key Largo”

  1. Actually,

    I do not run eco-tours with the Wavewalk Express. Due to the high performance of the catamaran style hull and the commercial off-shore design, I am the only captain capable of park hopping to at least three of the State or Federal parks that surround Key Largo in less than 3 hours. From my early days as a USCG licensed tonnage captain back in the mid-1970’s with a degree in Oceanography, I am able to provide a far more comprehensive narration of the history, biology, geology, sociology, and even a pit stop at one of our truly local restaurants in a commercial fishing village. This is not an eco-tour but an exclusive excursion. My sunrise charters, morning sea mammal search charters, afternoon park hopping trips, superior sunset adventures, and spooktacular after dark experiences are each a unique experience far removed from the realm of eco-tours. No one can do with existing vessels in Key Largo what I do with the Wavewalk Express like no kayak can do what the Wavewalk S4 is capable of.

    Also, I completely avoid entering the designated boundaries of the Everglades National Park with paying passengers. Yes, I need to skirt the southern edge of the saltwater glades via the Inter-Coastal Waterway to transit to other parks like Pennekamp Coral Reef Park, Dagny Johnson Botannical Hammock, and the Crocodile Lake Sanctuary. This year, a fee was imposed for all charter vessels entering the designated Everglades boundary. A boat such as mine carrying 6 passengers must pay a fee of $90 to enter those boundaries even for a short while. I am completely content to stay on the non-Federal side of the boundary and leave Everglades tours to other operators.

    Ironically, I ,along with friends, family, and associates, can enter the Everglades on a non-charter with my lifetime National Parks pass without an additional charge. Confusing? Yes. I have better places to go, especially on the Atlantic side of Key Largo.

    And, I will be happy to arrange a demo of the Wavewalk S4 and other models on a scheduled basis.

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