4 thoughts on “My S4 boat with outboard gas motor and electric trolling motor”

  1. Thanks Mike,

    Your S4 keeps looking better 😀


  2. Nice set-up.

    Love the trolling motor, does it have spot lock?

    All those hatches, lot’s of space in that saddle. 🙂
    That S4 is awesome!

    Tight Lines and MoPaddle safe all.

  3. Yes, Mike,
    The bow mounted trolling motor is a great addition. No need to anchor w/ GPS fixed position system. Slow trolling is a snap. And, a Plan B get home motor to avoid unnecessary paddling.
    I agree that the bigger motors are not better. 70 lbs. of weight is my limit. So, a 5 or 6 hp 4 stroke is about right (or, a 9.8 hp 2 stroke which is my favorite).
    Still, the 25 hp Johnson 2 stroke long shaft on my bench stand is really tempting…
    Bring that rig south for the winter.
    Larry J.

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