S4 looks good on there

Wavewalk S4 motorized kayak boat transported on trailer

By Adam Bierly


Just finished setting up my trailer. S4 looks good on there.

S4 motor kayak skiff on trailer
S4 motor kayak skiff with 6 HP Mercury outboard on a trailer
S4 motor kayak skiff transported on a trailer
Wavewalk S4 motor kayak skiff on trailer

My trailer makes it so nice to transport all of my water sport gear and easy loading! At the end of the day I just back it in the garage and done! No more in and out of the truck bed or on and off rook racks… and I can leave the motor on the s4 which is a big benefit.

2 thoughts on “S4 looks good on there”

  1. It sure does!

    Thanks Adam,

    The boat looks great, and so does the trailer – very functional.


  2. Great looking rig! An vertical stop at the bow would be a good idea in case of emergency braking.

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