Another epic day

yellowfin tuna caught in motor kayak

By Terry Wilkison


Another epic day on the S4! 1 Ulua (white trevally), 3 bonita, 1 rainbow runner and a yellowfin tuna.

Had a very large Galapagos shark on for a while which took me for a ride until he broke off.

The modifications are working well, the bilge pumps were very handy and I feel I’m close to having everything dialed in the way I want.

various fish caught on a successful offshore kayak fishing trip in Hawaii

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3 thoughts on “Another epic day”

  1. Thank you Terry,

    If only I could put one of these fish on my grill! 😀


  2. What a great day out in the S4.

    Someone is going to have a few good dinners!!

    Congrats on a great trip.

    Tight lines and MoPaddle safe all

  3. Terry’s neighbors will miss him a lot after he relocates to Jacksonville, Florida.
    No more fresh fish for them! 😀

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