Wavewalk S4 motor kayak vs. cargo ship

motor kayak vs cargo ship

Just another short movie that shows how stable the S4 is, and how fun it is to drive it, even in the choppy water of Narragansett bay.

2 thoughts on “Wavewalk S4 motor kayak vs. cargo ship”

  1. Hi Yoav,

    Google search [USS Cyclops]. Looks like you survived an encounter with the Bermuda Triangle in your trusty S4.

  2. Larry,

    I read somewhere that the unusual number of disappearance events in the Bermuda triangle is due to the occasional release of large quantities of methane gas from the sea floor.
    The mixture of water and gas is much less dense than water alone, and therefore it can support less weight by volume. If a vessel happens to be floating in such mixture, it will sink rapidly, “falling” into a virtual hole in the water.


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