Swivel seat for my Wavewalk S4 motor fishing kayak

By Terry Wilkison

After a few weeks of looking over the net for a seat and reading the other blogs I settled on an HDPE folding bleacher chair from amazon for 26 bucks.
I had the stainless swivel bracket from another project. I really like the way it turned out. Doesn’t add much weight and I can turn it to adjust my position from driving to fishing. Cant wait to try it out this weekend!

Base for swivel seat for Wavewalk S4 offshore fishing kayak

Folding swivel seat for Wavewalk S4 offshore fishing kayak

Folding swivel seat for Wavewalk S4 offshore fishing kayak

Folding swivel seat for Wavewalk S4 offshore fishing kayak

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S4 projects and another fruitful fishing day

By Terry Wilkison

Well another fruitful day of fishing thanks to my S4! went out at 2am and fished one of the wrecks off the west side of the island and scored some nice aweo aweo and menapachi. Once the sun came up I headed 3 miles south to hunt for live bait and was able to find a small school scoring 4 nice opelu. I caught the bonita about 5 minutes after sending the first bait out. after him I had a larger tuna on but he kept switching directions in a way they don’t normally and the hook must have opened up the hole and it pulled about 15 minutes into the fight. After that something cut me off through 100lb fluorocarbon (most likely a wahoo). I made my way to to the spot I’ve grown fond of and sent out another opelu, 20 minutes later I caught the yellowfin. I got a scale the other day from amazon so I can add legitimacy to my fish stories, the Bonita was 12lb (average) and the shibi was 25lb, nice eating size. I ended up trading the bonita for some ribeye steaks (steak brings a premium here) and will divide up the shibi with friends. The red fish are a treat for the wife. The pole holder in the saddle hole works good, I’m only running 12 lb drag so I’m not to concerned about it. I’m down to fine tuning my setup now. Still playing around with ideas for a truck ramp but not sure if it will really be better than my dolly setup…. I can launch straight from the bed now I just have to walk the boat up the ramp when I get back, my main problem is the extra weight of the fish! A problem I’m happy to have!

12 lbs bonita
25 lbs shibi fish

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Family Fishing Day!

By Chris Henderson

There is nothing like the squeal of joy, the excitement of the moment, and memories made when a kid catches their first ever fish. Every year our church does a Family Fishing Day on the Fish Washington Free Day. At this event we go down to little Lake Devereaux and take kayaks, marsh rats and anything that floats and I provide the fishing gear and we get kids on fish. This year was a lot of fun and we had a great turnout. Many were coming back for the 2-3 time. But there were a couple of kids that this was their first fish. A couple of adults too got in on the action. This is the one day I am glad that all those pesky trout are in the lake. lol.
I always hope to start getting people into fishing.  It is such a great family activity.
Take a kid fishing! Take a family fishing!

4 fishing kayaks transported in SUV
Mulitple anglers in a tandem fishing kayak
Five anglers in a Wavewalk S4 fishing kayak
Five anglers fishing out of a Wavewalk S4 fishing kayak
Wavewalk S4 tandem fishing kayak with 5 passengers on board

Molding our kayaks in South Carolina

For four years, Wavewalk molded its kayaks in Indiana. We’ve recently moved our production to South Carolina, to a custom rotational molding company who has a 2019 large size, state of the art rotational molding machine. After several weeks, they have finished the preparations for molding our kayaks, and now they’re ready to start. Per their decision, the first batch of Wavewalk kayaks molded in SC will be from the W500 series. The W700 and S4 will follow soon after.

The above photo shows the W500 mold (industrial tooling) being attached to one of the machine’s arms, next to the huge oven in which the machine will rotate it.

This picture means a lot to us and to our wonderful clients who’ve been so patient waiting for their orders to be fulfilled and shipped to them.

Thank you! 🙂


Balance is Key for Kayak Stability

Balance vs Stability

Balance is sometimes synonym to stability, and it means the ability to remain upright and steady. For a kayaker or a boater, balance refers to something they are able to do, namely balancing themselves, while stability refers mainly to the vessel’s resistance to external lateral forces, such as waves, and/or to lateral shifts in the distribution of the weight that it carries on board.

In the context of kayaking (human powered or motorized) and kayak fishing, balance can be described as ergonomic stability.

Balance is particularly important in small vessels that offer little stability, such as kayaks. Unlike motorcycles that offer no external stability but provide their users with excellent balancing capabilities, common kayaks (I.E. SOT and Sit-In kayaks) offer their users very little in balance terms. The difference comes from the fact that motor bikers ride a saddle seat with a leg on each side, while kayakers sit in a non-ergonomic posture called the L position, with their legs stretched in front of them. The Driver and passengers of a Jet-Ski ride a saddle that is similar to the saddle that motor bikers ride, and this enables them to balance themselves effectively, as well as balance their boat even at very high speeds and through big waves.

The patented Wavewalk kayaks are the only kayaks that offer their users to ride a saddle seat that’s similar to the saddle seats featuring in high performance vehicles including Jet-Skis (PWC), All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV), Motorcycles, and Snowmobiles. Therefore, people who paddle or drive a Wavewalk kayak benefit from optimal balance, which improves their own stability, as well as the overall stability of their kayak.

Another factor that greatly contributes to the balance of Wavewalk kayak users is the fact that the twin-hull (catamaran) design places maximal buoyancy under each of their feet, in a way that greatly improves the resistance of the kayak to lateral shifts in the weight that it carries on board. Practically, this means that a Wavewalk kayak will heel (tilt sideways) less than a common kayak when its users lean to one side for whatever reason, whether willingly or by accident, seated or standing up.

We’ve recently reedited the main article about Kayak Stability on this website, and those who are interested to read more about these subjects are welcome to do so.