First striper trip in my Wavewalk 700

By Roxanne Davis


I took the Wavewalk 700 to the Connecticut River today in Windsor Locks.

Searching for stripers, I was able to get in 4 good drifts before I go off the water before dark.

Water levels are low, fish are hard to pinpoint, but I found a few takers.

Lost two good fish, then hooked up 3’ from the W700, and she threw the hook and it sailed right by my head!!!

Going to be hitting that area hard for the next few days, in hopes of beating my 38 1/2” PB Striper.

The 2hp motor did okay, but with strong currents I need at least a 4hp…..each time I tried to buy one it fell through
…………I’ll keep searching.

Here’s a short video and a couple pictures of the small stripers.




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5 thoughts on “First striper trip in my Wavewalk 700”

  1. Thanks Rox,

    These fish look good!

    The world gets smaller and more accessible with a motor. 2 HP for a W700 seems a bit under powered, and 4 HP would serve you better for sure, and you’ll have more fun driving.
    Just imagine what it would be like to deal with the currents in the Connecticut river with no motor, and only a paddle… Just thinking about it makes you tired 😀


  2. Thanks Yoav,

    Hopefully my next trip I’ll find bigger stripers.

    Oh I have done the Ct River in the W500, Paddling up river was hell….

    That’s why I got the motors, no river paddling or long paddling trips to fishing spots.

    The motors get me there, I paddle the area and fish, then use to motor to move
    to other spots, and back to the ramp.

    I’m no spring chicken any more, so the motor keeps me going, and going. 🙂

    Tight Lines and MoPaddle Safe all.

  3. People but All-Terrain-Vehicles (ATV), motorcycles, sports cars, boats and Personal Watercraft (PWC) because they have fun driving these things, whether their trips include fishing or not.


  4. Rox,

    If you are close to Jamestown, R.I. there is a very clean 5 hp Nissan (Tohatsu) long shaft OB for 5 Ben Franks on CL.

    This 2 stroke motor only weighs 45 lbs.

    A 4 stroke 4 hp 20″ shaft Yammie scales over 60 lbs.

    Enough said.

    Larry J.

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