Family Fishing Day

By Chris Henderson

We had a beautiful day for our annual Family Fishing Day!
Every year the State of Washington does a Fish Washington Free day to promote and encourage fishing in our state. Our church (Wellspring Fellowship) also wants to encourage great families and family time, and there are few activities better than going fishing!
So we gather up the Wavewalks and anything else that floats and take folks fishing!
We had two W700s and a W500 taking out kids and adults to catch fish. Some were catching their first fish ever. There is nothing quite so satisfying as watching kids catch fish. At first they are scared to touch them but it doesn’t take long and they want to hold them. I spent 12 hours on the water and lost track of the number of trout that I helped kids and adults catch.
What a great day!












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3 thoughts on “Family Fishing Day”

  1. Whoa!

    It took me a couple of hours to edit these photos, and I enjoyed every minute! 😀
    Absolutely wonderful 🙂

    Thanks Chris,

    Anyone looking at these pictures would want to be there too.


  2. Thanks it is one of my favorite activities that we do! I love seeing the excited faces. The kids at first don’t think they are going to catch something. Then after they catch one they think every wiggle of the pole is a fish! Just love getting to see fishing through new eyes!

  3. Jill Toler says:

    Chris, this is such a great post and I just love the pictures of those happy kids. Outstanding use of a Wavewalk kayak.

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