S4 progress report

Our mold makers finished developing the underside of the wooden pattern (male mold) for the S4, and they sent us some pictures:


Underside – Overview
Underside – Rear view
Close up – front

8 thoughts on “S4 progress report”

  1. That looks cool! Hollow that out after they are done and you would have a wooden S4!

  2. Thanks Chris,

    Wood has a great appeal as a boat building material…

    This wooden pattern is basically what a mold for cold-molding looks like, namely a mold that can be used to make fiberglass and other fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) hulls, including carbon fiber, Kevlar, etc.


  3. That is so cool,and beautiful. 🙂

    Gives us a birds eye view on how the molds made.

    Wow, can you make one out of Kevlar, a bullet proof boat. LOL

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop Yoav.

    Tight lines and MoPaddle safe all.

  4. Thanks Rox,

    Polyethylene is the near-perfect material for small boats, but wood is a beautiful material 🙂


  5. Hey, Yoav……..I bet you can’t wait to get the first model on the water. Looks like you’ll have plenty to keep you busy in this new year. Much luck to you with your new toy.

  6. Thanks Gary,

    Indeed, I’m very excited, and I keep imagining myself doing all kinds of things with this boat, and producing fun videos 🙂


  7. Pyt Rotary says:

    I love the shapes of the S4.
    Those shapes are born to glide on water offering the best option for motorization if you don’t like to paddle.
    Good job. Bring it on.

  8. Thanks Pyt,

    I hope to see you in one of these, one day, crisscrossing the great lakes 🙂


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