Nature Coast Kayak Fishers’ club outing in dense fog

By Gary Rankel

Nature Coast Kayak Fishers
My kayak angler group ran into a morning of dense fog at Ozello 2 days ago.
Art Myjak, who is still recovering from a stroke he had 2 years ago, was good to go in his Wavewalk 500. He is still a bit unsteady and don’t think he would do real well in a more traditional yak.
Fortunately, I asked the new guys in our club to bring a VHF radio with them so we could maintain contact. They were invaluable in the fog.


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3 thoughts on “Nature Coast Kayak Fishers’ club outing in dense fog”

  1. Thanks Gary,

    Sounds like you guys are getting sophisticated, with electronic telecommunication systems, etc.
    Looks like you got a new camera too, isn’t it? 😮

    Art looks pretty good – Please say hi to him for me, and tell him that back home the temperature this morning was 3F…


  2. I always have a radio with me, not only for emergencies, but to keep in touch with folks who join me during the day. I gave up on my camera, so am using my wife’s one now. And, I’ll certainly say hi to Art – if there’s anyone who enjoys fishing more than I do, it’s him.

    Good luck on your new Series 4 Wavewalk – it looks awesome.

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